Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beatles Relive in Bulldog Band!

Well my projects for others are finished... now what.. I guess I go back to my doodling and practicing on my free motion but it is kind of weird to have time back to my self again. Summer is coming to a close and the older kids are going back to school. I don't expect to have as much company now that school will be in session and it seems kind of odd to have time again. It is guess it is sort of time to start working on Christmas presents, which in a way is projects for others, but it is more self directed which makes it a little bit harder than doing other projects. I have a picture of the costumes that we made for the flag line. They came out fantastic... wish I could have hung out longer and taken pictures of the girls in the costumes, but home was calling me back to take care of the others that are not in band. The theme of the year is Beatles and so the girls are dressed to look like Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club.. The music they are playing for half time show is also Beatles collection.
Last night was our first volleyball scrimage, and it was very cool to watch. This is going to be a tough season,  in learning good sportsmanship and in staying nice and not being mean since there are some pretty tough girls on the team.. I pray that Jodi keeps a good attitude and learns a lot but doesn't take away any bad habits. Tonight Jenni has a scrimage in soccer which means dinner will be a rushed event again, but I am so happy that my children have opportunity to participate in so many extra curricular activities!
I am off to keep busy.

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