Monday, August 6, 2012

   Today I have caught up on some of the practice that Leah has put out there for us to work on... I have made some progress.. I usually draw my design with pencil so that I get an idea of where and how I am to put it down with thread and not get lost along the way.  I have included pictures to show how I am making a reference book of my samples and drawings. I am having a blast as all of this has been stretching my abilities. I don't feel that I am great at this as I have said before I am not a natural doodler but this is so outside the box for me that I could imagine ever going back to what I did before.

   I have been using Isacord thread for most of my recent projects but today all of my pictures have just 100% cotton since I had started using cotton on the quilt that is pictured before I had ever heard about Isacord. I am not having any problems with the thread breaking but I do have some problem with how thick the lines are because when I am travel stitching the lines become very thick, and I find it extremely noticeable when I go off the line. This doesn't seem to be as big of a problem when I am using Isacord. In the tree roots design I have travel stitched a lot on purpose so that I could have more practice with it as I have found travel stitching to be more difficult to keep perfect.

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