Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 4, 2012

This is the quilt that is going to our firefighter!

Jessie at 7 months!!
up close of the star
At the fair after the judging!!

It has been a long time since my last post... I have been very busy.. School let out and the older children have been home for the summer.. I have also had two quilts that were due for the county fair.. our four H children from our club have made the two quilts that will be donated to first responders in our county to thank them for all the work that they do... Our kids in our club are very community oriented and they have done a great job.. I agreed to quilt the quilt as it was more practice for my FMQ,  but I have not had time to work on Leah's quilt alongs while I was working on the quilt for our club.. this past week was the fair.. our clubs quilt took best of show in the open class. This is exciting.. I am hoping after the fair is over that I know how they judge us and how many people were entered in the class.. I know we won.. I want to know why because I thought there were some very beautiful quilts in the show..
I also have my baby who is getting older and therefore doesn't rest as much, which means I am not able to have as much time to quilt, or keep up but, I hope to be able to keep up with some of the quilt alongs now that the fair quilts are finished.
I am so glad that Leah has posted the question about not wasting material to practice on.. I love that she has encouraged us work on quilts and improve that way.. as this is what I have been doing mostly... I have had some problem with some designs.. Like left turn right turn, this is not a design I have tried on a quilt because when I have doodled it on paper I get lost after about the third row.. so I am not ready for this... I seem to do better when I say left turn.. right turn.. but it doesn't flow easily... Leah has been encouraging us to try circuit board. I also have been slightly afraid to try circuit board, as it looks a little similar to left turn right turn and that I will get lost... I will try it but, I find it intimidating...
Thank you to Leah for all of her patience to teach us.. I know she probably doesn't know that she is being patient with us.. and I know that she probably isn't going to  know us personally but I feel a strong kinship with a person who has fabulous fun sitting on the couch with her hand work.. I also love my work like this and feel like it is great fun.. I think I am a little weird because I haven't met too many people who are like me in this respect... My mother is like this but not many of my peers.. thanks again..

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