Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring in Ohio

Today is a beautiful April Monday. I have the bathrooms clean and the windows open to air out the house after a long winter. I am so glad that spring is on the way. The renewal of the season is powerfully uplifting. I have currently been extremely involved with quilting and have met a new friend online..... of course she doesn't know we are friends yet as I have been following her blog but am just getting my blog started and therefore she hasn't technically met me yet. Yes I am talking about Leah Day and her free motion quilting project. I have throughly enjoyed reading through her posts and learning more than I ever thought possible about quilting in such a short period of time. Since meeting her she has posted a FMQ (free motion quilt-a-along - for you non-quilters) of a whole cloth quilt that I have since decided to try. Above is the picture of how far I have come in such a short time (approximately 2 weeks). I have also finished piecing the red and black and yellow quilt that our four H club has been working on for the fair and give away for a local civil service worker in our community. Obviously we have inspired to make our quilt with a fire theme. It isn't perfectly pieced but it is striking and I am extremely proud of all of the kids who have joined in to work on this fantastic piece of work. We have a great four H club and a great bunch of kids who work hard at appreciating the people of our comm

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  1. Great wholecloth stitching and what a fun 4-H quilt too! Can't imagine having time to work on quilting with 6 children - you are a super woman! I think you'll have fun with the blog - maybe you could challenge your kiddos to start one too!