Monday, April 23, 2012

Trashy Monday!

It is Monday again and we had a very busy weekend. Jodi was asked to take out the trash and she put it in the garage. I had to tell her that it needed to go out to the barrel and she said that the garage door was shut and she couldn't do it because the door was shut. I told her she needed to open the door and then put it in the barrel. She made pretend like she was doing it and lo and behold she got up this morning and there was trash all over the garage. Such a bummer for her but apparently the dogs snuck into the garage and tore up the trash. Poor Jodi Monday stinks for her... but next time she won't leave the trash out of the barrel.

On a lighter note I finished my angel stitching for my friend. I am happy to be finished with my work. It is my first commissioned piece. It came out okay. My friend was happy with it and that is all that matters.I am happy enough with it and now I have some money to invest in my craft.  Through this work I have come to love this bible verse. God is right it is my job to Be Still and let God do his work. Thankfully I don't have to help God decide what to do.

I am so glad that we had a rainy weekend. My garden is eternally grateful and now maybe my peas will feel like popping up their little heads as they have been reluctant to do so because of how dry it has been. I am also grateful for the rain because this allowed JB to stay in the house. He hasn't been feeling the greatest this weekend but the sun can't help but enticing him to go out side to play, with the rain and cold it has been much easier to convince him to stay inside.

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